ArcelorMittal’s Supply Chain

ArcelorMittal, with a presence in over 20 countries and a leader in key steel markets around the world, have a responsibility to promote sustainability in your company.

Their key to success is to provide good efficient and reliable service to its customers and, thanks to the large size of the supply chain, the company is able to contribute to raising social an environmental standards.

Their supply chain structure has three levels:

  • Global: includes all those industries where suppliers are active globally.
  • Regional: whose platforms ensure that its regional procurement activity is as efficient as possible, and
  • Local: where global and regional agreements, and local partners are used both.

The global activities are supported in their shared service centers offering a support system for the entire company. Each center has a wide range of service, among which is the shipping and logistics service, which is supports the steel and mining activities, and is an integral part of the supply chain. This service enables the delivery of its steel products to its customers.

They are committed to achieving added value at its plants and offer exceptional to maintain their competitive edge services.

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