Mercadona, logistic heart

Spanish people know Mercadon like one of the most important supermarket to buy the purchase daily. As a consumer of Mercadona I consider relevant know how they are operating in the logistic plant and how they reduce time and problems with their own way to operating. In Spain the firm has more than 5500 employees working in logistic area, so this could meant that is so relevant for the company to stablish a good way to manage the products and the distribution.

Efficiency is the principal word in the Ciempozuelos logistic warehouse, the warehouse of the XXI century. This is one of the platforms most modern distribution-enterprises world United States and throughout the European Union, including Spain, are already interested in its operation and have visited the installations and is one of the major reasons for the success of the company.

The key is to be able to automate the whole process. So far, in a traditional store, but the pallets carrying a single product is automatically organized, not so with those that incorporated several. What has been achieved with this new software is that the machine is capable of depalletized shipments from manufacturers and organize orders for stores in multi-reference pallets without employees having to be carrying with them.

In this whole Ciempozuelos logistics block, whose floor area reaches 100,000 square meters, Mercadona employs 692 people, of whom 182 are women, thanks to automation facilities has made employees “do not have to be weightlifters,” eliminating efforts and also reducing the risk of accidents.

Mercadona has achieved a great logistics progress, Mercadona have been an example to this kind of area and nowadays are implementing new strategies to allow optimize logistics processes achieving excellent results.

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