Sometimes the final decision of an important purchase depends not only on the product or service, if not that also depend on the firm that provides this kind of service.

By this the logistic plays an important paper here because if the customers don’t receive adequate information they could choose wrong.

The firms have to have a huge variety to offer, so they need a good management to organize the logistic process in all their products.

Three stage model of Service Consumption

-Pre- purchase Stage

-Service Encounter Stage

-Post Encounter Stage


In each stage the decision have been changing: at first, customer decision is a process with some steps first customers recognize the need that they have (Need arousal), Information search, later evaluation of alternative solutions and finally they establish the purchase decision.  Customers face perceived risks which marketers should reduce with some strategic responses so is important to have cleared how the market has to perform.

In service encounter stage is important the effectively managing touchpoints, this meant a good management of the resources (logistics) because is when the customers receive the product or service in their hands.  Also in this stage, could be a High/low contact service model to understand the extent and nature of contact points.

Finally, post encounter stage is referred when customers are evaluating service performance, customers can have expectations positively disconfirmed, confirmed, or negatively disconfirmed.

So, if you are a customer you would like that the stage are clear and to achieve this we need a clear process where logistic is so important.

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