Tracking in a Purchase

I bought some products by internet last week and I could see where my products were, while they were carrying it at my home. From the packaging until I received them you could follow it because the company notified you every movement. This is a great advance in the purchases because the companies give the security that what you bought you can be aware that you are going to have it.

The information flow depends on the amount money you paid for these products because the total price that you spend in your product, in some cases it is relevant to provide tracking information. Not only depends on the company, because the company relies on transportation companies to deliver the product on time.

The company has already done a strategy to provide some advantages for your purchases such as free delivery when you spend an amount of money. Also in the final step you can choose how many days could spend until you will receive it, for example, if you need the products immediately you have to pay more (urgently delivery or express service). Moreover they sometimes ask in which hour range of the day you are going to be at home.

In my case the company gives me an ID number to follow my purchase. I didn’t have to pay an additional cost to see all the information. The company provides me a free delivery. I upload two images that you can see all the feedback I received from the company. It took them four days to deliver my purchase.



Nowadays logistics is adapted to your necessities because you can choose a range delivery options such as received products in the nearest shop, in a specific day, in an hour interval, in different ways if you don’t have an address… so the logistic has improved a lot since ten years ago.

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