G-Com by Grenzebach

Some weeks ago I read about a system quite similar to KIVA and after our last logistic lecture I was animated to write about that system.

The company which innovates the system G-Com solutions is called Grenzebach and is located in Germany. It owns subsidiaries all over the world and was founded in 1960, so the company has a long tradition. One of their core competences are logistic solutions. They are developing technologic solutions to feed especially the European market.

Besides palettizing solutions they offer an extensive variety of intelligent and pilotless transportationsystems (FTS). The idea is to use the fastest and safest root to the destination independently of the compexity of the environment. The key is to transport storage shelves to the pickstation.

Different requirements – Different solutions

different_application g_pro_pic

The red intelligent carry is called G-Pro and can transport goods with up to 1,2 tons and a speed of 60 meter per minute. It can turn 360, therefor it saves a lot of storage capacity. The batteries are reloaded during the ride via induction loops. The navigation is ensured by codes which are installed on the floor.

The G-Pro can be combined with existing systems. A light (laser) shows the operator which item has to be picked. Additionally the item can be scanned for a lower error rate. Then the operator knows where to put the item because of the light display on the shelf (put to light).

By that system the staff costs can cut significantly and the efficiency of the warehousing logistic can be increased. According to “Logistik Heute”, 500 picks per hour are possible and it already pays by 900 sendings per day.





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