Green logistics

The next post would be for the week from 16 to 20 March, but with a little delay. In one of the relevant tasks of the same week, I had to mention the Ford Motor Company and, after searching for information about it, I found interesting facts related to logistics.

The physical logistics operations of Ford provide a safe and efficient transportation of parts from suppliers to manufacturing plants. It is also safe and efficient transportation of finished cars from its assembly lines to its dealers vehicles.

I want to emphasize that Ford is working towards maximizing the efficiency of logistics operations and at the same time reducing environmental impact.

A curious fact, and that I had never heard (or at least by that name) is the use of “green logistics”.

The 3 main areas of this logistics are:

  1. quantifying our freight greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions,
  2. reducing those greenhouse gas emissions and
  3. improving the sustainability of our packaging materials

Ford MP & L works with this type of logistics, which has an international global approach to coordinate these activities. They have experts in the subject in each of the regions in which it operates, and also they have a central intranet green logistics to help standardize their procedures and communication of best practices.

It’s good to know that companies like Ford are concerned to improve its procedures , trying to protect the environment . These facts provide a more positive image of the company for both customers and workers.

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