Digitisation in air cargo – Fair@Link


Digitisation in air cargo – Fair@Link


The airport Frankfurt launched the cargo community system Fair@Link in the beginning of 2015, after a pilot phase of 3 years.

Fair@Link is an IT platform to skip bounderies in information flow much easier because of a standardized format. Through that software all processes can be planned better in advance therefor capacity of workforce and processing can be used more efficiently.

The involved partners can be notified of incoming and outbound shipments at an early stage. So, it is ensured that every process partner knows exact transport details and consignment before the goods arrive. That offers a big advantage in time because each process step can be prepared accordingly to the lastest information.

Even information about safety, security, customs status and dangerous goods regulations are integrated in the system and can be transmitted via it.


paper work

That system is a huge improvement to speed up the information flow which is traditionally done by paper-based procedures. The digitisation means greater efficiency and transparency of each transportation step. Everyone who was involved during the pilot phase observed remarkable improvements to make the transport planning easier. They spend less time dealing with documentation and the freight forwarders benefit from shorter delivery and collection times.

Since January 2015 any customer who is interested can take part. Dachser, Kühne+Nagel and Panalpina (freight forwarders), LUG aircargo handling GmbH, Fraport Cargo Services and Lufthansa Cargo (cargo handlers) are already using the system in their daily operations. The modern web application with edi interface and a mobile truck app ensure all users a comprehensive and demand-oriented access.

Modern web application with edi interface and a mobile truck app ensure all users a comprehensive and demand-oriented access.

Now the challenge is to involve more and more partners of the process to increase the overall efficiency. However the interest is enormous and the software developer is improving the platform constantly in cooperation with the participants.





Video (only available in German:-( ):


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