When I did my final degree work, I searched about this technology because it was very easy to keep a lot of information about product and tracking it. Then I realized that there was a project in process using this technology. The aim was ensure “cradle-to-grave” traceability of complete waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). The benefits were really good.

Not only this technology is used in tracking waste, we could use in different process. I wrote about stock in logistic last week and I told you that I was going to give you a tool to improve the storage method. So this technology could be applied here because it is a useful tool to control and storage our products. We could know in real time how many products we have in our warehouse to provide our customers.

I am going to explain how it works radio frequency identification which allows storing and sending information to a reader via radio waves. It is composed of an antenna, a radio and a microchip transducer. The antenna is responsible for transmitting the information to identify the label. The transducer is making the information transmitted by the antenna. The chip has an internal memory for storing the identification number and in some cases additional data.

Then we need a reader which is responsible for receiving the information issued by the labels and transfer it to middleware or to data processing subsystem (We can see the process in the final picture).

The advantages using this technology are:

  • Allows a large volume of data storage through a mechanism of reduced proportions.
  • Automate processes to maintain traceability and allows for a greater amount of information to the label, thus reducing human error.
  • Allows storing data without direct contact with tags.
  • Ensures operation in the event of adverse conditions (dirt, humidity, high temperatures, etc.).
  • Reduce operating costs and scanning operations are not necessary to identify products that have this technology.
  • Uniquely identifies products.
  • Enables easy updating of information stored on the label if it is read / write.
  • Enables rewrite so add and delete information as often as desired if the label is read / write.


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