Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics is the group of processes or activities for the return or the recycling of the products. Its main objective is, as in Logistics, is the management of the returned products according to cost and time requirements. It involves also a proactive mentality, this means not only the management of a product when it is returned to the company but also to plan how the company can reduce the number of returned products in a long term.There are several reasons for the use of Reverse Logistics, which can be grouped in three types:

-Economical reasons: when some materials can be reused Reverse Logistics can provide some saving in buying of components or raw materials.

-Customer satisfaction: the possibility of return the product if it is not what expected is important to guarantee customer satisfaction and increase the sales.

-Environmental reasons: to respect the regulations or simply to give a corporate image of responsability and concern about the environment.


Nowadays, Reverse Logistics is growing in importance because its the environmental benefits explained above and the growth of online commerce, where it is important for the stores to have an efficient devolution process to get the confidence of the customers.


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