Logistics of Mercadona

Mercadona is the biggest supermarket chain within Spain and has its headquarters in Valencia. It is located in 17 autonomous regions, within 48 provinces and has in total 1.525 supermarkets. Most of them are situated in the Valencian region. As it is a so big and successful company that provides low costs products for high quality, it seems to be quite interesting to post here an entry about the distribution network of Mercadona.

Its logistics have economic and environmental advantages. Therefore an appropriate strategy is necessary to manage operations, decide the kind of transportation, obtain energy savings and prioritize loads.

Due to long-term agreements with manufacturers and producers Mercadona is able to offer high quality products for low and stable prices. It purchases directly from sources. Another relevant facts in order to offer low prices are the logistics of Mercadona.


The company has nine blocks of logistics where take place the distribution network with a surface of 694.000 m2.

19.000 tons of goods are daily transported from one to another part of Spain. Regarding the transportation the company is intermodal oriented. The aim consists in reducing the environmental pollution by using the right manner of transport. More goods with less resources are transported. So storage and transports get reduced. While on the road 407 supermarkets are provided with goods, 571 trains per year with 285.000 tons reach the supermarkets. Moreover ships bring along 585.000 tons of goods. During all transportation processes strict quality controls are taken in order to ensure perfect hygienic conditions.


All in all it can be said that due to the strategic environmental commitment, good logistics make it possible to reduce costs and be responsible with the environment. Therefore geographic expansion is facilitated and operational costs are reduced.

Official website: https://www.mercadona.es/ns/index.php?nidioma=5

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