A few weeks ago, my classmate Miguel Sellés wrote a post dedicated to the Fallas about Fireworks. Now, the monuments or Ninots are already in the streets and today, a few hours before the end, I wonder what about all the logistic work behind this.

falla el pilarA perfect operation of the supply chain is required because every detail is important. As we know, all the work starts by the end of the last Fallas. However, the days before to their assembling are the most important. To assemble the biggest Fallas it is necessary to start around 4-5 days (day and night) before 15th March, when all the Fallas need to be on the streets. It is very important to have in mind the measures of each piece to deposit it properly in the track and it is a very risky job, because every piece is different and there are never two identical pieces. Once the pieces have arrived to the street, it is time to assemble and fix all the parts. This task can take hours and hours. However, the final result is worth it.

This is a very complex process, and we usually think that Fallas have a very high cost, but in my opinion, we usually don’t think about the assembling, materials, transport, manufacturing, employees etc. this means, all the logistics, are very pricy as well. And another important thing is that the budget is decided by the Falla not by the company which builds the Falla.

Finally, I want to share the cost of the main Fallas of this year:

Coste fallasHAPPY FALLAS!

This post is based on the following articles:

Fallas 2015: De ruta con la primera pieza fallera que sale a la calle. http://www.lasprovincias.es/valencia-ciudad/201503/05/ruta-primera-pieza-fallera-20150305185537.html
Especial Fallas 2015 El Mundo. http://estaticos.elmundo.es/documentos/2015/03/12/fallas2015.pdf

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