Logistic of the Valencian oranges to other European countries

In my home country Austria everybody is looking forward to the orange season. Every year are imported around 460.000 tons of oranges from Spain to Germany. But how do they get from the tree to the Austrian´s and German´s supermarkets? Mostly of them come from the Valencian region.

In the following part there is presented a big Spanish logistic company that disposes of an intelligent logistic management.



GRUPO NATURAL produces and distributes high quality citrus fruits, melons, vegetables and stone fruits. On the international market the most demanded fruits are oranges, mandarins and lemons. From Spain GRUPO NATURAL distributes their products to the most important European markets.

This company consists of specialized partner companies. GRUPO NATURAL coordinates service and products through an integral logistic management in order to react on customer needs. This company disposes of a brilliant logistical capacity and they are in a direct contact with customers and producers. These facts ensure that the company is able to coordinate the orders strategically, therefore a 24 hours service is offered and costs and time of distribution are optimized.

grupo natural

GRUPO NATURAL collaborates directly with fruits and vegetables farmers that are growing their products in the regions Valencia, Murcia, Almería and Lérida. Specific products are growing in the appropriate region, depending on the climate situation. Therefore fruits and vegetables with the best quality and freshness can be offered to the customer.

Standard of quality from the beginning to the end

As oranges are perishable products, they are quite sensible in their transportation. Several factors have to be considered that the product reaches the other place in a fresh way. GRUPO NATURAL disposes of high developed systems to preserve the products for the logistics. These systems are necessary to meet the standards of quality and service of the Spanish and international market. From this point extensive controls are carried out in order to guarantee high quality of products from the beginning on to the destination – the supermarket.

More information: http://www.gruponatural.es/#!home-english/cedg

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