INDITEX: sustainable logistics centers.

This week I found interesting information about Inditex and their concern for the environment related to logistics.

As we know, the transmission and distribution operations are performed by external operators which causes emissions of greenhouse gases.

For better management and control of these emissions, Inditex has developed a tool to calculate these emissions under GHG Protocol while proposing logistics operators improvement plans for reduction.

All logistics centers, from which all shipments are handled all Inditex stores in the, world are in Spain, next to the headquarters of each of the chains. All centers are built and managed with sustainability criteria, they have a certified Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001 and all the employees have received environmental training.


In addition, new construction or expansions centers are constructed following the criteria established by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) in order to achieve LEED Gold certification.

Some of the improvements that they have been introduced since 2007 are:

         – The use of efficient lighting,

         – Base isolation systems,

         – Climate control systems,

         – The use of bicycles or electric vehicles for the internal displacement of employees,

         – Improvements in energy efficiency,

         – Use of renewable energy and

         – Trigeneration high efficiency.

It’s interesting how a company like Inditex, that not only is known for its many shops, but also for their concern and interest in the environment and improve the processes of logistics centers, thus obtaining sustainable logistics centers.

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