Malacara Coffee – From El Salvador To Japan – How to Store It?

Malacara Specialty Coffee- Bourbon Coffee From El Salvador – One of the Best In The World – Notes of fresh melon fruit and homemade caramel combine with a juicy mouthfeel and balanced acidity. Long finish of nougat and cocoa.

Between the time that coffee beans has been planted to the moment they are available to be purchased in Kyowa’s Coffee Japan, the beans go through a series of steps as shown in the picture below:

Planting- Harvesting-Processing-Drying-Milling-Tasting-Roasting- Packing- Storing- Exporting-Grinding- Brewing

This time we will focus on storing, a key step to maintain coffee’s freshness and flavor while is waiting to be exported to the other side of the world, to maintain the quality certificate, Malacara’s farmers take in account different measure to deliver the coffee in excellent conditions:

Airtight and Cool:  excessive air, moisture, heat and light are keep away to preserve fresh roast flavor as long as possible.

Refrigeration and Freezing Avoid: cold temperatures cause the deterioration of the coffee, but also extremely warm temperatures, so the direct sunlight is avoid it too, the right combination is dark and cool location. El Salvador’s is a tropical country with average temperature of 25°, to preserve cool temperature coffee is store in under artificial cooler temperatures

Packaging: Small portions of coffee are wrapped in airtight bags to be store it bigger cool boxes that later are transported to the airport.

Considering that coffee has special quality requirements, Malacara’s Farmers work under orders, they produced their coffee according to previous purchasing orders colocated by their clients, so the final customer receives the quality what he paids for.


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