The Packaging Value

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Packaging is an essential aspect to consider in every product involved in a transport chain for many reasons, specially in foodstuff. It is needed to ensure the quality and hygiene of the products during all the transport chain and is the point where interests of manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, carriers and customers should agree. Bad packaging could damage a product, for instance, it doesn’t matter how good some wine is if it is bottled in a transparent one, or in case of dangerous materials it is known that packaging should protect the environment from that product action.

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Since antiquity, trade limits have been affected by the availability of some recipient that could make possible the transportation and the conservation of goods. The products that were more marketed were those that could be packaged in bags, wooden boxes, barrels or glass bottles. The package functions were keeping the properties of the product and protecting them during the transport, so that they used to re-use them repeatedly and in many times with the different product as soon as it didn’t damage the taste or the smell.

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With the growth of trade, the abundance of products and the processes improvement, the packaging life is limited to the product life, so that appeared the called disposable packages with many other functions: making it easier to carry, pack in bigger boxes in order to transport, download, pile up and store for one side, but also they should inform about the characteristics of the product, manufacture and even the design and the image of it is associated many times as an essential part of the product identity.

The current trade in packaging is trying to find biodegradable materials, lighter packaging and intelligent labels in order to reduce costs in all the supply chain, winning efficiency and if we talk about foodstuff they pretend the most reducing the food waste. Adequate packing provides every product with an added value insomuch it is an evidence of the product has passed for all the transport chain within the best conditions.

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There is an important trade fair held in Düsseldorf (Germany) about the most innovative packaging and the leading processes. It is called Interpack. The last one was celebrated the year before and the next would be in May in 2017.  You can read a lot of interesting aspects about Interpack in the link below.

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