Much more than TRACKING

Inspired by the blog about transportation of pharmaceuticals,  I started to do some more recherche about transportation of such sensitive goods.

Compared to Liebherr or  frigicoll, DHL is not specialised on cooling transportation, however they offer a quite interesting system to observe sendings during the whole transportation process, within the temperature can be controlled. Therefor it is also a possibility to send even sensitive goods.

It is not only a tracking device as we all know from any order via internet. It is a lot more and sounds really interesting.


The smartsensor GSM is packed to your order and through that it  measures temperature, humidity, shock and lightdata during the transportation at any time. Of course also the geo location is recorded.

A big advantage is the possibility to use the system in sea and land transportation, only in air the antenna has to be turned off (same as your mobil phone antenna during the flight).

The collected data can be observed via the homepage of DHL Web Portal 24/7 worldwide. You do not need any further equipment or software to benefit from that service.

Smartsensor DHL

Important –  concerning the question as a  transportation type for pharmaceuticals – DHL SMARTSENSOR is a pharma-validated system complying with regulations such as EU GMP Annex 11, EU GDP and US 21 CFR Part 11.

Sources and further information

Click to access DHL_SmartSensor_GSM%20_Flyer.pdf

Click to access annex11_01-2011_en.pdf

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