Moving a house

Imagine this situation: you get a new job in other city but you just had bought your dreams house in your actual emplacement. What should you do?

Of course there are many possibilities, but, why not move your dreams house to the new city?

With this premise, some companies in USA (and other countries), started working in the logistics that involve to move a huge package.

two 3d humans carry a home in their hands


There are some issues when you are planning to move your house from one city to another. First of all, the costs in the transfer depend on the weight, dimensions and how old is the house. Secondly, you should ensure that it is possible to transport the house, you need to check the roads, light posts, trees, etc. But, if you are sure about your decission, we are going to explain the logistics involving this operation.

The first step you should follow is the obtention of the permissions for the transfer and the approval for the route that your house is going to follow.

Also you may have to examine the structural integrity of your house and, if it is necessary, as for a loan to afford the payments.

Once you have the permissons, the route that you choose will determinate most of the cost of the operation. For that the IT (information technology) is really necessary for the coordination of the team workers. You need to know every single problem that could appear while your house is moving.


When everything is planned, the house should be completely disconnected (all the pipes and electrically unpluged), In addition, house movers need at least 3 meters of room around the house for excavation.

The mover will dig down around the foundation and cut openings in the foundation walls in order to insert steal beams to carry the house. Also, some wood cribs are allocated inside to maintain the internal structure. Once everything is perfectly setted, its time to set up the house and put it in the truck using hydraulic machines.


Time to the transport, in this moment, every member of the team of movers should be constantly communicating each other to solve any problem that could appear in the road, for that is necessary to use all information that they could get, From the road condition to the height that the light posts have in the town, everything.

Finally, once your house arrive to their destination, it should be allocated in the new emplacement and every pipe and electrical wire connected again, hoping everything gone perfectly.

The information of this post has been taken in the following link:

Miguel Sellés Tur

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