DFMA ( Design For Manufacture and Assembly )

DFMA ( Design For Manufacture and Assembly )

DFMA blending with two methodologies, include with Design For Manufacture and Design for Assembly.

-Design For Manufacture, which mean designing products in the ease to manufacture product, this not only focuses on design of product, part or construction in facilitate but at the same ways its also reduce the manufacturing costs. The design stage is the very important in product design part because the element of the design can make an enormous effect on the manufacturing cost.

-Design For Assembly, which mean the design of product for ease construction is one of the techniques in the design process. That contributes greatly to the cost principle. Try to minimize the number of chips in the product. Respondents allow the operator to quickly and easily carry it up. This will contribute to the overall cost is reduced. To measure the ability of the review

8756223-Factory-Black-and-White-Cartoon-illustration-Vector-Stock-Vector   provider_of_architectural_design_manufacture_and_design  arrow-right    cost-savings-resized-600.jpegReduce-cost

Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DFMA



there is some case from DFMA planing in Singapore that using DFMA strategy for helping there building industry that show in link bellow

x846modular_new_york.jpg.pagespeed.ic.jyYSfT3-8nHow Singapore plans to push its construction industry into the 21st Century?

Modular construction – also known as design for manufacture and assembly (DfMA), or prefabricated pre-finished volumetric construction (PPVC) – involves assembling building components, including whole ROOMS, in factories and craning them into position on site. The approach is widely believed to be faster, safer, and to provide more predictable quality.CDL says the 636 “executive condos” in their 12-storey towers will be built using 3,300 building modules, SAVING some 55,000 man days compared to conventional construction methods – a productivity increase of 40%.

sources: ( http://www.globalconreview.com/markets/how-singap98ore-pla37ns-pu90sh-it0s-constru36ction/ )

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