How many times do you usually go to the supermarkets? Particularly at my home, my parents work during all week so that’s the reason why they always go to the supermarket once at week and they try to provide the food pantry and the fridge with all food that we need to spend a week.

In logistics is important how can be handle a good stock to supply customers the product when they need it. As my parents have to plan and control our necessities to provide a simple storage. The manager has to control their stock to supply the product just in time. The first step before going to the supermarket, it is to go the fridge or the food pantry. Then, looking all the food and thinking what kind of food we will need during the week. This simple process can be extrapolated to the company.

For example in the middle of the week, if we had the necessity to consume a specific food that we don’t have, we could go to the near supermarket. In this case there are not any troubles but the problem is when a company does not do a good controlling process of their stock and they need a specific material. But the supplier is around thousand of kilometers to them.

To sum up, I try to show how important is organize, plan and control our stock in the storage. There are some tools that allow us simplify and easier the process, concretely I will explain one of them the next post.


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