When arriving in Spain I immediatley felt well and a little bit like at home. Despite that, there are of course differences in habit and the daily life.

One of those diffences is the attitude how to handle plastic. Every shop and supermarket is packing your stuff into bags. Even it is already packed into plastic, the product is wrapped again in plastic. The huge amount of waste is uncredible. And it is absolutely normal to do it in that way, at least for me it seems like it is normal.

normal consumption


Compared to that, in Germany everyone is forced to avoid to use that amount of plastic in your daily life. The plastic bags in the supermarket are quite expensive, around 25 ct per bag. Therefor, a lot of people bring their own baskets and bags for the shopping.

The annual consumption in 2010 were estimated with 198 bags per citizen. Spain was below average with 120 bags, Germany consumed only 64 bags and the „leader“ were the eastern european countries as Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia (466 bags). Denmark, Sweden and Ireland only 4 to 18 bags per citizen. How can you manage to consume only 4 BAGS per year???

In the European Parlament the representives of 28 member states agreed with the proposal „Reducing Plasticbag Consumption for the Environment”.

Environmental Problem

 Countries can decide wether they ensure that the consumption of bags per citizen does not exeed. The number of bags should not be more than 90 until 2018 and just 40 until 2025. The other option for the countries is to ensure that bags have to be paid in the shops.


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