Pharmaceutical logistics.

The pharmaceutical sector is a sector that needs a very strict control in the supply chain and logistics controlled temperature, because there are very important products for the health of people and it’s sold in pharmacies and used in hospitals.

On Monday January 5, 2015 the existence of new solutions for pharmaceutical logistics was published on the website “”.

This article says that Liebherr has launched new products aimed at improving the daily work in warehouses and transport in the pharmaceutical sector.
Also, Frigicoll will become the supplier os the solutions in Spain.

The advances in new technologies are helpful for this sector.
Creating a device (RS485 interface) to manage incidents even without being in the laboratory and the possibility of receiving alarm messages to a mobile device about these issues.

Moreover, the experience of Frigicoll in refrigeration, has served to launch a line of logistics necessary for pharmaceuticals products. With this, they can distribute equipment for chemical storage, which is an improvement for laboratories, warehouses, hospitals and pharmacies, and even for transportation.

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