Fresh Roses in Time For Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day! The most romantic day of the year for many many couples and friends, celebrating Valentine’s Day is a must in the U.S and one of the two days in the year where thousends of flowers are bought, besides Mother’s Day.

Eighty porcent of the flowers sold in the U.S for Valentine’s Day are shipped from Latin America, where fabulous weather conditions allow countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala & Costa Rica export only for Valentine´s Day the incredible amount of 231,466 flowers. Shippings starts weeks before the 14th of february, these beauties journey to the U.S. takes two-weeks, just in time to be blooming at their best in this lovely holiday, but how this is possible? , surprising, right? because for most of the women if a roses bouquet last at least more than ten days looking beautiful, is like winning a big battle! But the travel flowers have their secrets….. shipping & temperature conditions make it all!

Let’s look the flowers journey!

Day 1:  Flowers are harevested by Hand and are Pre Cooled at 35 °F to prevent blooming

Day 2: Flowers travel from the farm to the airport! ….. passport ready! Flowers travel to the US and are welcome in Miami, Miami airport is the central hub for all flowers import. They arrive to custom cleareance! luckily them,  they have their visa and all the papers in order, cleareance process can take to 1-24 hrs at warmer temperatures, 65° – 85 ° F

Day 3:  Exhausted flowers leave to a warehouse where they are greeted with cooler temperatures…. bouquets are assembled

Day 4: Initial Distribution in refrigerated trucks to destinations across the U.S.(Biggest Retailers)

Day 5- 7: In Transit … with the adequate temperature, flowers are still dormant

Day 7-9: Forward Distribution to Retailer’s Distribution Centers

Day 8-10: Distribution to Independent Retailers… Still refrigerated at the right temperature!

Day 9-11: Distribution to Stores … Flowers are distributed to stores ready to Shine!

Day 10-12:

Flowers are purchased ;)!

Flowers make a big journey from Latin America , in every part of the process there is a risk that if flowers are exposed to warmer temperatures and in those cases they bloom earlier causing loss to the companies, the exceptional logistics is in keeping the costs and temperature so lucky valentines can receive their favorites flowers fresh with many days of life to come… And to find a balance between not receive them too early… or too late in the stores.

So next Valentine’s Day you will know the hard work behind the romantic gesture of the flowers you received or that you bought..!

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