Fireworks, how to transport and store dangerous goods.


As everyone know, every March in Valencia, one of the most famous feast in Spain starts, and it’s name is “Las Fallas”.

This festivity is well known for setting fire to every “Falla” on March 19th and for being one of the most noisy feast in the world. This lovely noise is because of the fireworks and the “mascletà” but, ¿How the pyrotechnists deal with the transport and the storage of that amount of powder?

In Spain we have a strong regulation about fireworks and, every year, the healthcare system try to add new rules to that sector in order to avoid injuries in the young people.

Nowadays, only acredited as a profesional pyrotechnist can transport fireworks, and for that they should follow very strict rules:

  • The vehicles should be recovered inside with plastic or wood in order to prevent the friction.
  • The vehicles should be isolated.
  • Ventilation and permanent revision.
  • “Dangerous goods” Signals.
  • And, of course, the rest of the normal precautions or equipment for all the vehicles.

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Moreover, the storage of the fireworks has several restrictions:

  • The different types of fireworks can not be mixed.
  • The placement should be natural illuminated and ventilated.
  • Must have natural barriers
  • Must have signals like “Don’t smoke”, “Dangerous Area”, etc.
  • The amount of material can not exceed 80% of the capability of the store
  • Etc.


Finally, when all the logistic work has accomplished with all the regulations of the storage and transport, the pyrotechnists should get a lot of permissions and store all the papers from the fireworks for years, just in case.

In conclusion, even behind the wonder and beauty of the fireworks, exist a lot of logistic work hidden.

Miguel Sellés Tur.

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