Correos’s logistic problem

Since some years ago, It has become very usual to buy items from other countries by internet, using pages as Ebay or Amazon. The confort of buying from your own computer and the posibility to search for atractive prices (for example in China’s goods) has made increase the international packets trafic, specially in Christmas. In the attatched new link, we can see a situation happened by no taking this into account.

To sum up the main problem, the international packets entrance point of Barajas Airport was saturated last month, and as a result thousands of packets were outdoors while waiting to be processed. There are several reasons that explain how was it posible to arrive to this dangerous situation to the packets, because they could have been damaged by the rain:
-Lack of staff: it is not a recent fact, but in specially busy seasons this problem becomes even bigger. As personal is not enough the whole process is slower

-Warehouse capacity: seems to be very limitated for the actual needs.

-Wrong planing: as said before, the increment of packets produced by Christmas season was not taking into account. Extra temporarly staff would have helped to processing more packets in less time and reduce the extra saturation effect of Christmas.

This is a good example about a logistic problem. It would be interesting also to know the later process of the packets, how they are picked from the tons we can see in the image, processed and delivered, because in related news I saw comments saying that packets are not always delivered in order: it seems some packets were waiting for being picked there for a month, while others arrived later were processed and delivered in just one week.
However, it seems clear that there ir urgent for Correos to review its Logistic plan, at least for the next Christmas season


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