Time in logistics

When you talk about logistics it is compulsory to talk about time. So I am going to start talking in the blog about that I consider one of the cornerstones of logistic. Since you wake up until you go to the bed, there are a lot of things could be happen but we know that the only thing that you cannot recover it is your time. When somebody takes a reference about the past, the present or the future is taking into account the definition of time. Time helps you to organize your activities during the day and also it provides you a powerful tool to build future short term schedule.

I usually try to follow a schedule in my daily routine, to get on time with my duties and obligations. It all starts, when I put my clock alarm, this kind of action has been thought before than I will wake up, and so I’m applying logistic in this simple previous plan which is necessary for me. This action depend on you, if you put incorrectly your clock alarm is your fault. But, what happens when we are not responsible of our time and you have to rely on others hands? Maybe you have a delay in your next activity that could be significant or insignificant.

In my case when I have to go to Valencia, I usually take the train. Then I catch the subway to arrive at the university. The train is not a perfect clock and I sometimes have to wait some minutes. If I planned to arrive at university in a specific time I cannot get there because for few minutes I lost the subway and my previous plan does not work and I have to reorganize my schedule.

The problem is bigger when one of the trains stops in the middle of the railway track. Consequently, all the trains have a delay. The train which is expected to get to a place has to stop because it cannot pass for the same railway track. This causes a break of the chain and you have to act instantly to provide a service to the customers.

To sum up, I think logistic is important in our daily routine like in my train case. It is present in almost all things and time is necessary for stabilize when the action has to be produced.


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