The other day i was eating in a famous restaurant in Valencia and when I take the restaurant menu the waiter said me that they don’t have the food that I want to eat, the reason that he given me was that the kind of products that they need to prepare this plate aren’t in the warehouse(were exhausted).

The world of the transport is huge and complicated, planification and distribute just in time means that we need to have an exact control of time and the products but obviously may arise incidentals that they cause this kind of problems. The integral service that some firms offer can be relevant when in any moment there was a lack of urgent provisioning these has a distribution plan or strategic place between their customers to arrive faster and efficiency and to cover flow physical from the supplier to the restaurant.

The supply chain is a long process in terms of steps but it does not have to be very durable so that products do not reach break in that time. “They are delivered in a single order all products that the customer needs, both supply and other classes. The frequency of this provision depends on the influx of the restaurant, location and season. That is why you cannot have precise control, if not anger varying according to certain variables and both the dealer and the customer must be aware to ask for and receive adequate quantity of products.


The restaurant industry is competitive and imposes a dizzying pace, it leads to restaurateurs to join the outsourcing, growing trend in today’s market, to focus on the internal management of your business. While logistics companies are available to any agent of restoration, it is true that the bulk of its clientele corresponds to large strings from all over the country and mostly operate under the franchise system as it is as the chain grows when it becomes more complicated self-management of supply and more urgent to outsource. The restoration involves a host of activities that will certainly result from yours them pick the perfect dealer and that it acted properly in order to get a maximum benefit of cost and time.

Since January 2005 the CE 78/2002 law obliges suppliers and caterers to have a tracking system to identify and track anytime the distance traveled by food from its origin until it reaches the consumer. The food industry is also required to have a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). So leave it to a specialist supply chain also facilitates large chains and franchises compliance with the law in this regard because it controls the product all the way.

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