My HOF3M Project was related to the wine production and emphasizing on the exportation of the product to other countries. After working on it and developing the business concept I asked mysef why do we always think in wine inside a glass bottle? Nowadays we try to develop ways of reducing logistics costs in every product, even though, it reduces slightly its quality or changes the sterotype. So…why could not this “glass obsession” be changed? The main advantage of keeping the wine in glass bottles is that it is a way of keeping the product quality for a longer time. Oxidation takes a longer time to happend and temperature is well preserved. Nevertheless, the main reason of it is because we have always thought in wine inside a glass bottle. If we throw a party in our place and one of our friends appears with a carton of wine the first thing that comes to our mind is probably that he could have spent a couple of euros more and brought something “drinkable”. It is obvious that in the case of high quality wines the product must be bottled. But if we are talking of a medium quality wine that is supposed to be consumed during the next weeks…why could not be sold in other types of packages that allowed its price to be lower being then more competitive than other brands and offering even a better quality. Some facts than I have founded reading about is that in the US a 90% of the total wine sales in consummed in 24 hours after its sale. Moreover a TetraPak system for example could reduce in around 75% of packaging and 50% in transportation costs. What at the end is translated in a price reduction. Do you imagine drinking wine in a can such as a Coke? Well…I can! montaje

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