CONCEPT OF Customer Synchronized Resource Planning

The modern concept – CSRP (customer synchronized resource planning) – covers almost the entire product life cycle. This is very important from the point of view of cost management. To understand how much it costs the promotion, production and maintenance of the product, you need to consider all the elements of its functional life cycle. Often the cost of service, logistics and marketing are considered as overhead. From the standpoint of accounting it could and good, but not in terms of cost management and evaluation of the real costs.

The latest of productive resources management concepts – CSRP (resource planning, synchronized with the user) has been proposed by SYMIX.

The essence of the concept is that the planning and management of the company can and should take into account not only the basic manufacturing and material resources of the enterprise, but also all those who are generally regarded as “auxiliary” or “false.” This is the resources consumed during the marketing and the “current” work with the client, after-sales service, transhipment and service operations, as well as intrashop resources. This approach is crucial to improve the competitiveness of enterprises in industries where product life cycle is small and requires respond quickly to changing consumer desires.

Ability to interact multiple applications developed using different technologies – a key condition for the success of CSRP. It is now possible to build a unified application for production management based on individual modules made by different manufacturers. Production, management, sales, customer service, maintenance and other customer-oriented business functions can be performed in the relevant parts using specialized software. In this case the application will receive and provide business-critical information from the central business system based on the CSRP and used by other parts of the organization.

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