German Food in Valencia

Based on my Business Plan, today I’d like to talk about the logistics behind my idea of opening a German restaurant here in Valencia. The restaurant should be called “Deutsche Stube” characterized by a comfortable cozy atmosphere. Served are typical German dishes and drinks, delivered by waiters dressed in typical German clothes. The dishes range from rich warm meals to small cold plates.

As far as possible the necessary ingredients are purchased in Valencia. The products are bought at local stores, so at greengrocery, butchery and supermarkets.

Softdrinks as well as German beer are delivered directly free home by selected suppliers. If the price for the German beer gets too high we can also export it directly from Germany.

There are some products which are not available in Spain like “Weißwürschte”, “Brezen” or “Schwarzbrot” for example. The German pastries should be produced in Valencia by ordering one elected bakery. The production is not complicated by following the original German recipes and all required ingredients are obtainable here in Spain.

Some products which are not available or not easy to fabricate are imported from Munich, Germany by the assignment of a logistics organization. Munich is the best place for procuring original German food and drinks. The fleet should consist of two trucks and should ride as required. Every truck only rides fully loaded. The incoming products are stored at the warehouse directly at the restaurant. The inventory is released by the principle of FIFO. Products which come in first are released first. When the safety stock is reached new products have to be ordered and delivered. By the holding of buffer stock the availability of the desired products is guaranteed.ss4

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