Some future prediction of Courier service industry in China

I am so lazy to go out for shopping sometimes. And thanks for the online shopping, almost every time I need something, I will buy it by the online shopping. You can find so many different online shopping website in China. It saves you the time and more money. Even when I am in Spain, I am still interested in shopping something through this way. But do you ever think about it, how could the online shopping service survive without the logistics support behind?

Surely by the electronic commerce industry, the logistics industry develops more rapidly. Especially in China, more and more people are interested in shopping through the internet. Thus, there appeared lots of the courier companies. According to the statistics in 2013 from China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing, the companies have more than half business of this courier service which also bring them amount of benefits.


So I think in the future the Chinese courier industry will have the four trends: more popularized, more professional, more facilitation and more internationalized.

Firstly, compared with the physical shop, there are two basic advantages of online shopping which are cheapness and products variety. Now, we have around 600millions internet users, and among them there are 400 millions users have the experiences of online shopping while there are more than 140 millions of them do online shopping at least one time per month. The age of users are presented younger and younger. The young users are very fond of hearing the courier knocking the door and delivering the thing which they have bought. As the time goes on, with no doubt, online shopping will be an entire –citizen commercial behaviors in China. Therefore, the courier industry will also boom stably.

Secondly, although the most obvious character of the courier service is “ FAST “, with the development of the service in all the industries, the courier consists more meanings. Customers not only require the packages arrive in time, but also the different delivery way, the safety of the packages, etc. All of these needs will require this industry become more professional.

Thirdly, there should be more convenience. As the one of the service industry, courier service should provide more and more new service to meet the basic needs as well as some extra, not only the online shopping business, but also entering the daily life more. For example, now there appeared one new service is delivering the dirty clothes of the students who live in the campus to their home for washing and deliver them back.

Last, the internationalization makes the world smaller, and the same time creates more opportunities for the courier service. Some courier companies of China is already expanding there market abroad. To adapt different environment, culture, to meet different needs is the way to keep the company developing sustainably.

Here is a very interesting video about the research of E-Commerce in China.

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