Secrets of the success: the Spanish manufacture company becomes the giant

The professor arranged a tour to the big Spanish company Poecelanosa. It was a really very meaningful trip which gave us a lot of lessons about many aspects such like the production quality management, logistics management, security management, green production management, innovation management and market management.

Porcelanosa is a Spanish ceramics and tiling company that specializes in bathroom furniture and accessories and tiling. It has many branches in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, the United States and across the world. It was founded in 1973 in Villarreal, staffed by 98 employees. The company specializes in the production of porous, stoneware and porcelain wall and floor tiles in various finishes.

First of all, as the leading ceramics products company in the Spanish manufacture industry, they do a very well production quality management, the whole process from the choosing the raw material to manufacturing the semifinal or the final products, they use a strict production process way and advanced machine to promoting the efficiency and more accurate. Besides, although most of the processes are implanted by the automatic machine, but a appropriate number of workers are arranged by the side of the machine in case some thing wrong or errors happen occasionally to assure more quality of the products.


Secondly, when the bus got close to the company, the thing first came into your view was the huge logistics center logo and the building itself. They have one of the biggest logistics centers in Spain which includes one of the largest automatic warehouses in the world with a total storage capacity of 275,000 automatic pallets, the new construction will pair on 10 automatic bilateral stacker cranes with 20 shelving units, each 525 feet long. The 35,000 square foot warehouse extension was constructed 105 feet high and 913 feet long, roughly the size of a 10-story building, and has a storage capacity for 65,300 pallets. And as we have seen that during the whole storage process, there are few workers working with the forklift for moving some pallets of the product for distribution. The logistics system is highly automated.

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Thirdly, a good manufacture enterprise always has a good security management, Porcelanosa does, too. All the workers also are dressed the uniforms and the safety shoes to protect the body. Additionally, in their huge factory, the floor is always kept clean although special ceramics production produces the dust or other dirt very often. Some automatic machine work without the operators, cleaning the workshop area more than 12 hours everyday which protect the whole environment inside the factory, preventing the workers from the respiratory diseases. You cannot imagine that it is so hard to find the dust even in some places it should exist that impressed us a lot. The thing more interested is that when the workers are asked about their health problem with working here, they told us that some of them got the respiratory diseases in the past years when the factory didn’t pay more attention about the security issue when it established in the beginning, but now fewer and fewer workers are sick because of the environment problem. Many workers have already worked here more than 20 years.

Fourthly, the green production management is also well implemented. Due to the special products they manufacture, it should have caused some population. But you can see that in such a non-dust environment with a huge workshop inside the factory, the workers ride the bicycles to reach anywhere they want to go. Each bicycle is put in order in the parking places with the names of the workers. And although there a lot of the machine which produce a high heat for the production reason, we can hardly see the air conditioners interior the factory. It does not mean the company doesn’t provide a better working condition for the workers, instead, the top of the factory there are many windows in order which helps the ventilation. So you will ever feel so hot inside the factory.


Regarding with the innovation management, they have an interior exposition which is called the products library storing thousands of the various products. Not only for researching the products catalog, but also searching some products information, it really helps a lot. Besides, those products samples also make the development of the innovation by the existed former products.


Last but not least is the marketing management. The company cannot survive with only manufacturing the products. It is the marketing which produce the profits for the company. Except the factory, Porcelanosa also has one big exposition hall in the first floor of the office building. There are different styles of the kitchens or bathroom according the different zones on the earth. You will find the Asian style, Russian style, north European style, American style, etc. Customers can have a visit in the hall, consulting any products which they are interested. This makes the products more visually to present in front of the customers. Besides, in order to expand the influence of their products in the range of the whole world, they invite many socialites to publicize them, from the famous film stars in Hollywood, to the Prince Charles of the United Kingdoms.

Porcelanosa is a successful enterprise from all of the view which we have seen through the visit. But of course they still have to improve to challenge the future fierce competitive market.







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