Production of Yamaha Guitars

Today the process automation has become part of many large companies, but some still have manual processes required to acquire the qualities of the products. The complexity, the need for constant monitoring, the thoroughness of some tasks fit and high quality feel and sound, is beyond the scope of available technology. The machines, do play a vital role and streamline many processes. Some tasks, such as intensive precision and repetition, are best left to machines, anyway they can´t replace the ability, skills, sensitivity and expertise of a craftsmen at many stages during the production. Additionally, to meet the specific and individual requirements of some clients, individual attention is required in many processes. (Guitar2go, n.d)


I could explain the entire process, which is really interesting, though; below you will find a video for you to see it yourselves. The interesting thing about this post is that in the video you can identify some of the techniques we’ve seen in class. For example, in 3:49 and 4:40 minute we can identify “ANDON system control”, with traffic lights that alert color process status.

Throughout the video, we can see how the order and cleanliness prevail. In 8:11 minute we can see all tools have their defined position. We can identify this with Tool “5’s”: It aims to make workplaces work better organized, tidier and cleaner permanently for greater productivity and improved working environment. Delete, Sort, Clean, Standardize and Respect.

In the video you will see some other tools taught in class. Take a look  and find out if you can identify some. Enjoy !!

One thought on “Production of Yamaha Guitars”

  1. Interesting Article!
    Additional principles seen in the video (both at 3:45):
    Poka Yoke: The worker has to use both hands to activate the machine, this avoids injuries.
    Chaku-Chaku: Machines are placed next to each other, so one worker can load the first machine and start it. Instead of waiting until it is finished, the worker goes immediately to the next machine to load and start it and so on.

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