Hell Roads

I would like to write a post related with Diego’s last post “Where the trucks cannot (still) arrive”, I’ve just read it and it has seemed to me quite interesting. Furthermore, I’ve remembered a TV programme that I used to watch some years ago in Xplora channel. It was called “IRT Deadliest Roads”.

In my opinion, it was a very interesting programme in which you could see the truck drivers going by quite dangerous roads to deliver different kind of products. Even sometimes, at home, you could feel scared because they lived life or death situations.



In this programme, three experts truck drivers, Alex Debogorski, Rick Yemm, and Lisa Kelly, competed in order to know who was the best of them and who faced these extreme situations better.

It’s very curious to see how difficult can be this part of logistics because, although this programme was just that, I’m sure about somewhere truck drivers have to drive on these types of roads.

Finally I want to share with you two videos where you can have a look at this exciting programme. I’m sure you would like to live this experience at least once in your life, but as Diego said in his post, you need a lot of money.



4 thoughts on “Hell Roads”

  1. I find your post very interesting, and I’d like to share a personal experience.

    Venezuela’s precarious situation with regard to the responsibilities of government, lead the people to seek alternative solutions. There are villages, beautiful villages, with no access by land. In these villages many people live without access to services provided by the government. For example: public transport.

    In this case, people take dangerous actions, to give access to mobilization. Personally, traveling by boat to this beautiful place named “CHUAO”, I have had the opportunity to see this type of “bus transportation” by sea. It is not only irresponsible, but dangerous. Imagine how they supply other products necessary for survival. Incredible!!!

    Pd. Better, if you watch the video without audio.

    1. First of all, thanks for your comment =)

      Are you the person who is filming?

      I’ve just watched the video, from my point of view it’s incredible how poor people/villages/countries have to fight with situations like these to survive… and rich people are wasting huge quantities of money.

      The situation should change, but it seems it’s quite difficult.

  2. No no, I’m not the person who is filming. But I figured someone had posted something (Because many people go there on weekends). I found it very fast, there are many videos.

    Yes, The situation must change. People like them have many disadvantages because of its geographical situation, however, they have managed to survive for many years.

    Sometimes, as in this case, improvisation makes the logistics.

  3. thats really interesting Borja! people who work as suppliers or track drivers dont have “exact” future, you know what i mean.never know could they can deliver the goods or not, but there is no choice to choose other job because of the lack of jobs.pity but true. Thank you for info.

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