Pick-by-Vision – Augmented Reality in logistics


(Referring to Comparing Picking Ways and Batch Picking Warehouse)

Pick-by-light and Pick-by-voice are two common technologies in warehousing operations which are used to do the order picking. These two systems already replaced the pick-by-paper approach, so order picking became paperless. This means higher accuracy, productivity and efficiency. But a new technology is approximating. Working with mobile augmented reality systems, head-mounted display cameras can improve the picking process even further.

Warehousing operations “are estimated to account for about 20 % of all logistics costs, and the  task of picking accounts for 55 % to 65 % of the total cost of warehousing operations. This indicates that AR (Augmented Reality) has the potential to significantly reduce cost by improving the picking process.” (See DHL.com).

The Pick-by-Vision system has extensive benefits compared to light or voice-directed solutions. As it can recognize the surroundings and show the operator visual information via See-Through-Display, it guides the operator through the warehouse reducing travel time by optimized route planning. Real-time object recognition and barcode reading with just one view make the handling of additional scanners dispensable. The software is integrated in the Warehouse-Management-System so booking of withdrawals is automated which enables real-time stock updates.


Advantages of the Pick-by-Vision technology:

  • Training time required for operators minimized.
  • Language independent navigation within the warehouse.
  • Optical picking instructions replace paper, visual (lights) or voice-based directions.
  • Fully automatic tracking of serial numbers.
  • 100% error-free picking improves quality control.
  • Applicable in every warehouse without structural changes or other modifications.


One thought on “Pick-by-Vision – Augmented Reality in logistics”

  1. Sehr interessanter Artikel.
    Wie sieht es denn aktuell mit den Akkulaufzeiten der Gerät bzw. Brillen aus? Ist die Google Glass Brille für Pick-by-Vision gut geeignet und welche Anbieter gibt es denn aktuell schon am Markt, die funktionsfähige Lösungen anbieten.
    Bei meinen Recherchen bin ich bis jetzt auf nur sehr wenige Anbieter wie zum Beispiel diesen hier https://www.salt-solutions.de/industrie/salt-add-ons/business-glass-connector.html

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