The other day I spoke with a friend that last October had the incredible opportunity of making a trip to the base camp of the Everest. I was quite shocked about it as it seemed to be something quite profesional. However he explained to me that nowadays is something reachable (if you have a lot of money of course) to do it and that is completely crowded of people. There are kind of hotels (lounges) all around the track and a lot of services. He started showing me pictures and after a while I asked him about the logistics…how is possible to transport all that stuff up there?Is there any road? 



As far as he told me the last reachable point by transport is Lukla (2.800m). From there til the base camp of the Everest (5.834m) there is just two options: the Yaks, which is the animal used to transport the items and the backs of the sherpa´s beginers. This task is seen even as an honour as it is part of the formation process of the sherpa. It´s quite impressive seeing the pictures how a person can carry such a big weight, Actually is one of the things that shocked my friend more from the trip. 



It is something not directly related with our class topics but I wanted to share it with you as it was really interesting for me. Thanks to this kind of thing we realize that although it seems that everything is completely automatized and transport with machines there are a lot of places where the trucks can´t arrive…at least at this moment!



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