Sixt “Spirit of Mobility”

Sixt is a Worldwide car rental company headquartered in Pullach, Germany. It has around 4,000 service stations in over 105 countries. Sixt was founded in 1912 by Martin Sixt in Munich, and continues to expand internationally. Sixt is the 5th biggest car rental company in the World and is the largest BMW car rental company in the world. 

The company is owned 57% by the Sixt family and it is named after the founder’s last name Martin Sixt.The remainder of the shares is traded stock. Several family members manage the company: Erich Sixt (CEO), Regine Sixt (Marketing), Alexander Sixt (Corporate Development), Konstantin Sixt (Online). So it is very effective in case of controlling the whole company.

Sixt provides rent and leasining of fleet for their clients. To assure highest quality in every phase of the leasing process, Sixt has implemented international harmonized and customer oriented workflows. Defined service standards and service level agreements enable cross country mobility solutions that client can rely on.

Sixt Leasing has designed its logistics and related services in such a way so as to make them as flexible and cost-effective as possible. You can opt for delivery at the dealer, at your company site or directly to your home. An important advantage is the station network of Sixt rent a car, as you can always find a station close to you. The logistic intelligence of Sixt Leasing offers advantages, especially for large service fleets and complex requirements such as labeling of vehicles or special fittings. Sixt´s solutions are always geared to individual requirements. They not only book your vehicle at reasonable prices, monitor the delivery time and register your vehicle, but also keep your staff mobile right from the start with a temporary car from the Sixt fleet.

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