Value Stream Mapping

Hi guys! As my show slide this week is related with the Value Stream Mapping, I have found interesting to explain in what is based this method. A known automotive firm as Toyota started using the method long time ago and it has turned as good way to improve the stream of goods and information to the final customer in some industries.

All value produced by an organization is the end result of a complex process, a series of actions that lean thinkers call a value stream. It is surprising how hard it seems to be for managers to focus on the value stream for each product for each customer to improve it for the benefit both of the customer and the value-creating organization.

Toyota has known how to do this for many years, using what are usually called information and flow diagrams. Some specialists in the late 90s realized that these techniques were largely unknown outside of Toyota.

This is what now we know as Value Stream Mapping. A value stream is all the actions (both value added and non value added) currently required to bring a product through the main flows essential to every product: 1. The production flow from raw material into the arms of customers and 2. the design flow from the concept to launch. 

Value Stream mapping is then, a pencil and paper tool that helps you to see and understand the flow of material and information as a product makes its way through value stream.  What is meant by value stream mapping is simple: follow a product’s production path from customer to supplier and carefully draws a visual representation of every process in the material and information flow. Then the firm must ask a set of key questions and draw the future state map of how value should flow.

value_stream_mapping p-f

We can appreciate in the pictures that there are some icons. They have general meanings that are used for the companies to be understood the flow and the process.

I would like to explain more about VSM but I think that with this little articles all you can get the main idea of the method, if you want to know more, just let me know!

See you on friday!!:-)

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