Problem of the “last mile” solved?

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Everybody knows the problem: You order something online, but you know already that you won´t be at home, when the parcel will be delivered. So missing a delivery is on the one side annoying for the customer, on the other side additional costs for the parcel service. The Irish enterprise Parcelhome claims to have a solution to this problem.

Parcelhome developed a parcelbox, which easily can be installed at the house of the end-customer. With this box, parcels can be received and sent from a private house without being at home. The plan is that end-customers hire the boxes for 5 to 10 Euros per month. Greg Mackin, the head of the company says the boxes will be big enough to fit 90-95% of all Amazon or Ebay-parcels.

The system requirements are consumer-friendly: Deliverer and receiver just need a smartphone and an application of Parcelhome. When delivering a parcel, the deliverer´s smartphone identifies the receiver´s parcelbox…

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