Hi to everyone!

After Diana’s post I also want to note one avia company  🙂

Maybe you have heard about this company it is very famous turkish airlines and recently it became very famous low cost in Central Asia and Russia. It flyes 97 destinations and also flyes to the biggest and famous cities of Europe as Madrid, Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Bologna, Brazil and etc. Pegasus is Turkey’s most established private airline has been flying for 20 years and uses cutting-edge technology and they have Pegasus Cargo logistics. So they are as other “smart” (low cost) companies ship parcels. 

About the company:

Pegasus Airlines (Turkish: Pegasus Hava Taşımacılığı A.Ş.) is a low-cost airline headquartered in the Kurtköy area of Pendik,Istanbul, Turkey formed 15th April of 1990. Formerly a charter airline in partnership with Aer Lingus, Pegasus is now completely controlled by Esas Holding. In January 2005, ESAS Holdings purchased Pegasus Airlines and placed Ali Sabanci as the chairman. Two months later, he changed the airline from a Charter airline, to a Low-Cost airline. In 2007, Pegasus carried more passengers in Turkey than any other private airline. In 2008, it carried a total of 4.4 million passengers. In 2013 the passenger traffic grew even further to 16.8 million passengers carried. In 2012, Pegasus Airlines, the second largest airline in Turkey. Pegasus becomes a new Airbus customer and the first Turkish airline to order the A320neo. This is the largest single commercial aircraft order ever placed by an airline in Turkey, and was announced on December 18, 2012.



“Easy way to send”

Company’s slogan

Even if they started to fly to my country KYRGYZSTAN recently, Pegasus Airlines was bought 49% of our Kyrgyz air company Air Manas in June 2012. 22 March 2013 the air company had operated its first flight under the brand name Pegasus Asia. Pegasus not only has facilitated the distance between Central Asia and some post Soviet countries and made it really cheap comparing to other air transporting companies  but also has given us possibility to send and get  parcels very fast and for convenient price. 

P.S. Normally we (Central Asia) use only DHL and Fedex Ltd.for international shipping and it is expensive enough. My next post will be about this. 😉


P.S. #2 Have you known that Avia companies have their own yearly award named “Cargo Airline of the Year”?!

Each year, customers vote for their favourite carriers based on their efficiency and friendly ease of use. Awards are also given each year to the best ground handling company, the best GSA, the top charter broker –  and to a mystery global personality who receives recognition for a lifetime’s endeavour. The event culminates in a glittering London ball as award winners travel to London from around the world to collect their prizes.



Links to web pages of Pegasus Airlines and Pegasus Cargo:


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