Online Electric Vehicles

    Imagine a transportation more economically and environmentally friendly than typical electric vehicles, not connected to a recharging station, nor does it ever need to be, and which recharges itself as it goes. If you are not very imaginative, just look up OLEV Technologies, Inc., as they have already created and began commercializing it.

                OLEV stands for On-line electric vehicles, and South Korea has recently implemented a tram system which runs on this technology. The vehicles are not connected to wires, nor plugged in to anything in order to be charged. They are charged by a series of magnets inside of the road, the fields of which are caught by a receptor, and used to charge the tram’s battery. While a traditional electric tram is connected to a network of wires, of which the entire network is turned on, the magnetic generators in the OLEV system only turns on when the vehicle passes over it, reducing wasted energy, and avoiding the magnetic field from being constantly imposed against the pedestrians walking over it.

                This technology is currently in use for the tram system, and is seeing installation and testing in high-capacity vehicles, such as high-speed trains.

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