How to meet customers’ needs

I’d like to write about the topic I had for my last OSS because I have really enjoyed surfing the net. My last topic was MASS CUSTOMIZATION. I’m going to give you a simple and brief definition in order to introduce this interesting concept which is getting more and more important within this business world.

MASS CUSTOMIZATION: in marketing, manufacturing, call centres and management, is the use of flexible computer-aided manufacturing systems to produce custom output. Those systems combine the low unit costs of mass production processes with the flexibility of individual customization (from _customization). We can summarize it in a single picture:


This concept or this trend comes as a result of the main idea that customers always have the reason, as we could see in Mercadona, the customer is the boss, although Mercadona doesn’t really follow this idea…

MASS CUSTOMIZATION obviously supposes a change in the current relationship between production and consumption. A MASS CUSTOMIZATION company has to provide tremendous variety at prices comparable to standard goods and services, or better if possible. Therefore, the company that better satisfies its customers’ individual wants and needs will have greater sales.

This “new” trend started in the 1980s, it appeared as an alternative of Mass Production (focused on high production and low prices, though without considering enough customers’ wants). We can see the difference between these two different concepts:


Next picture shows the MASS CUSTOMIZATION cycle:

circleHere you are some webpages where you can enjoy creating your own possessions:

Of course, I think this concept will be related to 3D printing in a near future.

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