Today I’d like to write about Valenbisi because I appreciate this kind of service every single day since I am here in Spain and I think that there’s a brilliant working logistics system behind it.

Valenbisi is getting more and more in vogue. Instead of products being transported from one point to another people use Valenbisi for shifting wherever they want to. The logistics behind Valenbisi is easy, fast, comfortable, sustainable and cost-efficient.

Valenbisi is a public service offered by the company El Mobiliario Urbano S.L.U.. The company provides access to registered users to hire bicycles within Valencia.  The bikes are simply hired by self-service and are exclusive for the urban routes in Valencia. You can easily create your Valenbisi account online and get a card for using the service.  Only for less than 30 euro you can use the system the whole year. Furthermore there’s the possibility of a short-term contract. All over Valencia are placed stations for hiring and releasing the bikes.  You don’t have to care where to park your bike or how to hedge of thievery. The first 30 minutes of use are free of charge, for longer use the customer has to pay low charge.
(Compare “General conditions of access and use of the Valenbisi service (GCAU))

Moreover Valenbisi is a transportation system which is really friendly for the environment by producing no pollution at all.

Sometimes there are some little problems to find available bikes as well as to get free stations for parking them at special locations at special times. Like for example in the morning when many students drive to the university by Valenbisi, it can be a big problem to find a free station there. But El Mobiliario Urbano S.L.U. doesn’t ignore that and even tries to antagonize this problem by picking up some bikes by trucks.

In my opinion Valenbisi is really a great logistics invention and I didn’t want to miss it here in Valencia!

7 thoughts on “Valenbisi”

  1. And also it helps to your health because its a great exercise, I wish country’s like México, would have this system is cheap, helps the environment, and your health.

  2. Somebody had told me that before Valenbici, nobody used to ride bikes in Valencia. However, as it grew more popular, more people started riding not only Valenbici, but personal bikes as well, making Valencia into such the bike-friendly city it is. It is inspiring to think of companies that not only helps a community, but changes the culture for the better. Great company.

    1. Yes that’s right. Valenbici is really a great invention! Other European countries like Germany should follow that example.

  3. Since I came to Spain, I usually go everywhere by bike. The first week, I tied my bike to a bike station at the university and at the end of the day I was stole.
    Anyway, I’ve always wondered if Valenbisi can provide the same security to the personal bikes. As an idea, I can suggest security locks with annual subscriptions, or wheel hitches on the sidewalk, or many other ideas that came into my mind.
    -What do you think?
    -Do you have any idea as well?

  4. That’s lovely!i love it because you don’t have to walk 30min instead spend just 10-15 minutes. To be honestly i started to ride a bike since i came here as in Kyrgyzstan, especially in city center we do not use it at all.
    Nadya very nice article!
    For Valencia Bici is the bet transport for example comparing to Barcelona because there are a lot of heels and climbing roads. So i think for El Mobiliario Urbano S.L.U. it would be very difficult to expand in Barcelona.

  5. Apart from all the general benefits that it has the big goal of Valenbisi was to promote the use of bikes in Valencia, Before that…almost noone used a bike here. Thanks to it we can proudly say that Valencia is probably one of the spanish cities where more people use their bikes to move from one place to another.

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