Improving Logistics and Shipping: The Scanner

As Li has talked in his post about the containers and its importance in the globalization, I have found interesting to type about shipping in logistics and the latest news related to the containers and basically with shipping as well: a scanner to automate container code tracking.

But first, I would like to explain a little bit what involves shipping and logistics. It involves managing the transfer of products from the place of their origin to the place of their consumption. It includes activities such as material handling, warehousing, packaging, transportation, shipping security, inventory management, supply chain management, procurement, and customs service. Basically, as we can guess, in most industries this kind of transportation is part of their supply chain and value chain.

As Li posted, globalization and outsourcing are important trends nowadays and they are the core value in Logistics and Shipping industry.  Because of this that any mistake can turn wrong the best business.

From Australia, a known  technology company, Honeywell, has announced that Australian shipping industry is using scanners to track containers in real time and reduce errors in data capture.

Scanner Shipping

As the Global Logistics Media magazine explains, with this instrument, shipping companies can scan and automatically read shipping container codes and numbers from a distance of up to five meters. The team of Honeywell has introduce a software-based imaging solution what allows to automate data collection by using OCR (Optical character recognition) technology to scan letters and numbers in shipping containers instead of manually. It means to improve the accuracy of container tracking and saving employee time.

Clearly, this is a great progress in shipping and logistics. It seems as nothing else new can come, but for sure it will, I will try to let you know! 😉

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