General information about Mercadona

During our next lesson we will discuss about Mercadona. Everyone of us knows Mercadona now, but especially the international students are not that familiar with the supermarket as the Spanish students are. Therefore I just want to give the most important information about Mercadona in summary.

Mercadona is a Spanish supermarket chain which is family owned and was founded in 1977. Mercadona started as a small butcher shop in Valencia and displayed a notable growth. In 1981 the company started to expand worldwide. (Compare

Nowadays Mercadona has locations in 46 provinces of 15 autonomous communities, owns more than 1,100 stores and occupies more than 70,000 employees. (Compare

Mercadona is really rich in using new innovations. So Mercadona was the first Spanish company to implement the barcode scanning system in its stores. Furthermore Mercadona has an automated distribution center. The modern adaptability of Mercadona is still growing  with the needs of the consumer because their main goals are to meet the customers’ needs and satisfy them by low prices. (Compare

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