The DHL importance in F1

F1 championship has just started and it’s a sport that I really like. This competition is organized almost over the world (Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Australia). F1 has the best engineers, aerodynamic, tyres, engines, technology, and of course the best pilots and we are lucky to have a pilot among them, Fernando Alonso who has won 2 championships. In summary, F1 is the highest class of single-seater auto racing.

Here, in Valencia, it was held a race (urban circuit) during five years (2008-2012). I had the opportunity to see the enormous trucks next to me once in Harbor Avenue and the trainings. It was amazing!

You can think that it can be easy to have ready all the cars, spare parts, petrol, tools, machines, tyres, etc. but it isn’t. Logistics at F1 could be the most important aspect because everything has to be on time and at the precise moment, and that’s quite difficult.

DHL has been the official logistics partner since 2004. DHL is in charge of transporting those things that I’ve mentioned before, including the overseas transportation. This means about 400 tonnes of material and they need 100 trucks for the Europe races and 7 aircrafts for the other races.

They work very hard almost 365 days a year. DHL has to have everything under control and start working about 9 days before each Grand Prix, though sometimes there are only 4 days. They always work against the clock. In addition, DHL guarantees a safe and accurate transport. And they are able to deliver express shipments in just 24 hours.

Each team goes over 160.000 kilometers a year along 19 different destinations which is very awesome.

As you all can see, DHL has an impressive logistics. Maybe it’s one of the most important companies in the world in this sector. Moreover, as we can see in the races, DHL has an important and strong advertising campaign which helps to make it bigger.


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