Trans European Transport network

European Union approved last January a new transport policy with the objective to create an efficient transport network. The outcome that they are looking for is to connect Europe by the four cardinals points. For this project they provide about €26 billion to construct transport infrastructures.

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For Spain brings the opportunity to remove our insolated train situation. This insolated was due to prevent invasions for outsiders in the Franco’s age. The current problem is that we have a different railroad width than the rest of Europe. Its width avoid use of train to entry armies and supplies in this hypothetical invasion, now it increases the transportation cost due to use special train (like TALGO) or unload-load the freight and passengers to continue their travel. Several locations aspire to get some of these funds in order to increase their volume of goods moved by their logistics facilities. This is the case of the Valencia sea port, in its 2015 strategic plan includes an extension of the rail road lines. One of them is the famous Mediterranean corridor which will join the east of Spain with the south of France, and Europe too of course. Other is the line to Zaragoza and north of Spain.


I personally wish that these infrastructures will carry out to increase the competiveness of Valencia area

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