How is an aircraft sections transport?

I choose the article because I love travelling and I was really surprised how they profited all the means of transport by road, river, sea and aircrafts to move the huge pieces.

Airbus has developed its own transportation system to airlift the large, pre-assembled sections of its jetliners from their production locations to final assembly lines in Toulouse and Hamburg.  This service is performed by a fleet of five A300-600ST Super Transporters.

The A380’s size means its fuselage and wing sections are shipped via a surface transportation network that includes specially-commissioned roll-on roll-off ships to carry these sections from production sites in France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom to the French city of Bordeaux. From there, sections are transported by barge along the Garonne River to the Toulouse final assembly line.


A380 takes place in different sites across Europe. Each site produces completely equipped sections, which are transported to final assembly .

Most A380 sections are transported to Toulouse by sea, river and road. A number of smaller components, such as the vertical fin produced in Stade or the nose section produced in Meaulte, France, are carried in Airbus’ Beluga fleet.

 A specially-designed Airbus river barge carries an A380 fuselage and aft section through Bordeaux, France, on their way to the final assembly line in Toulouse.


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