Batch Picking Warehouse

Hi Guys, as my Slide Show is related to the Batching Method in Warehousing, I found interesting to talk about it and to explain what it means because is a very important part in Logistics and is one of the method  most used to ship products from warehouses until the shops or supermarkets.

First of all, let you know that warehousing professionals consider order picking as the highest-priority area for productivity improvements. This is because the order picking-the process of the order picking-the process of retrieving products from storage in response to a specific customer request- is the most labour-intensive operation in warehouses with manual systems ans a very capital-intensive operation in warehouses with automated systems (Goetschalckx and Ashayeri, 1989; Drury, 1988, Tompkins et al., 2003)

Basic Warehouse Design


When orders are fairly large, each order can be picked individually, however, when orders are small there is a potential for reducing travel times by picking a set of orders in a single picking tour. These is the common case of food, non-food, fashion and e-commerce, and this method is called Batch Picking or Multi-Order Picking.

Batch picking  is characterised by combining product demand from multiple orders into one pick instruction. After order picking, the goods are sorted/consolidated by order or shipping destination.  This method increases throughput and operator efficiency. It optimises order picking efficiency by maximising pick quantities and minimising operator walking distances. It prevents congestion in the aisles that occurs during traditional order picking. Orders are sorted/consolidated by order/destination automatically, reducing manual handling.

For sure, this short video will help you to understand and view the whole system of batching:

Hope guys you will understand the idea of batch picking with this short explanaion.



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