The Maersk hugeness

Last Friday I was near to the harbour, in Pinedo. Suddenly, about 20-25 Maerks trucks appeared. In that moment, I thought about Captain Phillips film in which Somali pirates try to board a Maersk ship. So, I decided to write a new post about this enormous transportation company.

Although A.P. Moller-Maersk Group is a Danish business conglomerate based in Copenhagen, it’s working worldwide, in more than 135 different countries, in Europe, South America, North America, Africa, Asia and Oceania. They are always focussed on growth markets.

Maersk works in a big number of activities in different business sectors (transportation, oil, APM terminals, retail, drilling, etc.) but mainly works in transportation and energy activities. Consequently, since 1996 it has been the biggest container ship operator and supply vessel operator in the world. We can have a look at the following video and see its business activities:

From my point of view is amazing how Maersk works, its work keys are quality, service and reliability, and Maersk gets them with effort and sacrifice. Its purpose is deliver products anywhere and anytime, always on time. Furthermore, security and safety have high priority.

I think they have the most important supply chain in the world because of all the activities they do. In addition, They have the biggest ship in the world in which fits 18,000 containers, simply incredible.

Finally, I would share with you this very interesting video in which you can see the majesty of Maersk:

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