MAN TeleMatics

MAN TeleMatics® – the telematics service for maximum transport efficiency

Consistently increase your fleet economy. With MAN TeleMatics®, you can significantly reduce the fuel consumption of your fleet, optimise loads and maximise the economy of your company. With the telematics service package tailored to your individual requirements, you’ll be well ahead of the competition.

More clarity and planning reliability for dispatchers

Control the use of your trucks efficiently with an individual MAN TeleMatics® solution. MAN TeleMatics® shows you the current locations of your vehicles at all times clearly and conveniently on a digital map and also provides you with a range of technical vehicle data. The analysis of deployment data, total weight and the topography of the route reveals areas where there is still a potential for savings. Shipments can therefore be managed reliably and, above all, efficiently. Dispatchers can utilise their fleets to optimum effect, while avoiding unloaded journeys and detours. Fuel consumption can thereby be reduced by up to 10 percent.

Vehicle deployment analysis at any time

MAN TeleMatics® provides you with the most important information in real time. Communication between the vehicle, driver and dispatcher provides a transparent source for fleet management and therefore ensures the long-term success of your company.

MAN TeleMatics® tutorial video

With the Fleet Monitor, you always know the current location of your vehicle fleet. Detailed driver and vehicle deployment analyses show improvement potentials and provide the basis for training programmes. Orders, tours and messages can be collected and assigned to specific vehicles. The maintenance information portal gives you active forward-looking maintenance planning.

In this video you learn everything about the most important functions offered by MAN TeleMatics®:

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